What Are The Six Components That Every Product Label Must Have?


Every product needs a label for identification. A label is important not only because of identification but also due to a product’s authentication. One will never know if a food product is authentic and usable or not without any customized food labels.

Even before certification, a person wanting to use a specific product will understand if the product is real or fake through the components that a product’s label contains. You do not need to be an expert or not a certificate of the product to check if that product can be or not.

There are six main components a product’s label contains that are important to identify and these are easy to identify so there is no hassle at all. Without any further delay, it is time to get introduced to the six components that a product’s label must have.

every product label must have

The Six Main Labelling Components:

Although it was not mentioned before, it is also significant for every product consumer to know that labeling in the product also helps with tracking the products in case of any emergency. The six components that a product label must contain are as follows:

1. Disclosure of the Ingredient:
No matter the type of the product, the list of ingredients and its correct ratio will always be included in the label of the product. Even if there are some toxic or hazardous components included, then the correct ratio will be included as well. If the products were fake or were dangerous or were manufactured by any scamming company then there is a possibility that the toxic components would have been excluded from the list. The batch number and a code number will also be included for the identification of the component. It will also be stated how to not get exposed to the components properly.

2. Signal Sign:

Signal signs or words like warning should be included on the label of the product. Consumers tend to overuse the product most of the time and that puts them at unknown risks. Warning words like Keep Away From The Reach Of Children should also be included. Either a single sentence or word will be enough for the user to understand and be cautious. No need to state each detail.

3. Information of The Supplier:

The information about the manufacturer and supplier should also be important. In case the retailer is unwilling to cooperate regarding any product which cannot be used, the customers can always contact the manufacturer or the supplier in this case. They will help with refunding or the exchange of the product. This creates transparency and reliability between consumers and manufacturers alike.

4. Pictograms:
Visual representation is also very important as it also helps with identifying the manufacturer’s brand. For example, a good logo will help in introducing the brand or the business properly. If a manufacturer wants they can also add relatable pictures but it is a must to include the logo.


Having a barcode proves the product is authentic, licensed, and can be traced as well. A product is fake without a proper barcode.


If you are thinking of ensuring safe and legal products are reached to your targeted consumers, then having a label that is valid and traceable is a must. It helps with brand promotion as well.

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