The Uncovering Of Native Bush Food’s Health Benefits


Bush foods come with many good qualities like a combo. It has major benefits and helps people both medically and economically. Instead of looking from an economist’s point of view, it is time to uncover all the hidden benefits that bush foods provide us.

Indigenous or bush foods in Australia are now the center of attention in the culinary world due to their taste and health benefits. These herbal ingredients must be preserved and utilized to the maximum, otherwise, they can also hamper the environment around us as well.

However, we are here to look at the hidden benefits of these native bush foods and why should we include this in our diet list. It is time to have a quick bush look.

Bush Food Health Benefits

Hidden Benefits of Australian Bush Food:

Bush foods are not only used for culinary purposes but they can also be used for other basic purposes like native sauce, especially, kakadu plum. It is used to make the famous kakadu plum sauce. Other basic uses of bush foods include kakadu jam sauce, etc. They can also be used in the form of salads, pastes, and spices as well. However, we are here to understand the hidden benefits of these bush foods. Let us start by checking them out.

Lemon Myrtle:

Among all other bush foods, this one is more famous among the local and international communities as well. It is tangy in flavor and is used to make dips and sauces, and can be added to salads, chicken, and prawn curry as well. If that is not all, then it is also used in desserts, as well. If the myrtle is added to pudding or cakes then it tastes the most delicious.

Its health benefits are that it can be used to make skincare products like lotions and face creams and can also be consumed as an aromatic tea. In the case of skin, it helps to treat acne, skin sores, and blemishes. Its detoxing level is very high hence it helps with digestion and weight loss as well. It burns the maximum fat in the tummy. It has healing properties that can prevent kidney, liver, and asthma conditions as well. If that’s not all then it acts as a natural air freshener so planting this in your house will help you feel fresh.

Kakadu Plum:

As mentioned before, kakadu plum is a multi-tasking bush food. Its benefits can also be found in many Australian bush food books. This food is also known as the remedy of the winter because of its nutritional benefits. A power pack of copper, iron, and antioxidants increases your immune system. The ratio of Vitamin C that it carries is equal to 50 big oranges so this is a no to all the deadly viruses and flu. You can easily drink with a glass of water in the morning.


If you vegetarians need protein but can’t eat any meat then this seed is just for you. This seed is being recommended by many nutritionists and dieticians as well. It tastes something like the combination of chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut, so yes, a whole cafe in one seed. Either use it as a thickening sauce or dessert is your choice. High in protein and low in Glycemic Index it controls the carbohydrates and improves your glucose level.


Hundreds of species of bush foods are there to increase the health benefits. The three mentioned above are a sprinkle of water that is fully not visible yet. But, their hidden benefits are enough to keep the doctor away from you.

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