How Video Can Help Solve Common Preschool Behavior Issues

As a preschool teacher or parent, it can be challenging to handle common behavior issues that arise among children. From tantrums to shyness, every child is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to behavioral issues. However, technology can be a powerful tool that can assist teachers and parents in identifying and addressing these issues.

Parents and educators can work together to encourage positive behavior in young children by using preschool behavior modification methods like positive reinforcement and consistent penalties and technology-based tools like behavior tracking apps or video observation. In this article, we will discuss how videos can help solve common preschool behavior issues.

Understanding Preschool Behavior Issues

A study published in the Journal of Research in Childhood Education found that video modeling can effectively teach preschoolers appropriate social behaviors. The study involved showing videos of positive social interactions to preschoolers. Also, the researchers found that the children who watched the videos significantly improved their social behaviors compared to those who did not.

Before we dive into how videos can help address behavior issues, let’s first understand some of the most common problems faced by teachers and parents:


Tantrums are common among preschool children, especially those still learning how to regulate their emotions. A tantrum is a sudden outburst of emotions, usually accompanied by crying, screaming, kicking, or hitting.


Shyness is another common issue among preschool children. Some children are naturally shy, while others become shy in new situations or around unfamiliar people. Fearful children tend to avoid social situations, leading to difficulties in making friends.

preschool behavior modification methods


Aggressive behavior in preschool children can range from biting, hitting, and kicking to name-calling and teasing. Aggressive behavior can stem from frustration, jealousy, or the desire to control a situation.


Inattention is a common problem among preschool children, as their surroundings easily distract them. Children with difficulty paying attention may have trouble following instructions or completing tasks.

How Videos Can Help

Now that we have identified some common preschool manners issues. Let’s explore how videos can help address them.

Modeling Behavior

Videos can be used to model positive behavior for preschool children. Teachers and parents can use videos to demonstrate appropriate behavior, such as sharing toys or expressing emotions. By showing children what positive behavior looks like, they can learn and emulate these behaviors.


Videos can also help shy children become more comfortable in social situations. Teachers and parents can use videos to show children how to interact with others, such as sharing toys, taking turns, or greeting new friends. Videos can also introduce children to new concepts, such as different cultures, languages, and customs.


Videos can be used to teach empathy to preschool children. By showing videos of children experiencing emotions, such as sadness or frustration, children can learn to recognize and understand these emotions. This, in turn, can help them develop empathy and compassion for others.

Attention Span

Videos can be used to improve attention spans in preschool children. Children can learn to focus on specific tasks using engaging and interactive videos. Videos can also be used to introduce new concepts, such as letters, numbers, and colors, in a fun and interesting way.


Videos can be a valuable tool in addressing common preschool behavior issues. By using videos to model positive behavior, socialize children, teach empathy, and improve attention spans, teachers and parents can help children develop important life skills. At St. Bartholomew’s Preschool, we utilize various tools, including videos, to help children develop socially and emotionally. Join us to discover a nurturing environment where learning, loving, and sharing are valued.


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